wander FLORE.

Starry Piano Skirt and kind of Sweet Monster Dress by Stars*Rainbow Shop. Everything in this shop is cute and really suited me !! (at least in my opinion)

I hope I’ll have any chance wearing them and hang out with my friends <3


- May (viridianFIELD)

PS. Original Holic staff tee’s design by Loxsiana, my lovely internet junior/friend who now become my irl pal. You can stalk her wonderful art in her deviantART account. 

Art I did for Original Holic Event (Thailand)More information : https://www.facebook.com/originalholic

Art I did for Original Holic Event (Thailand)
More information : https://www.facebook.com/originalholic


my commissions are currently open!

prices are a little cheaper for now. it’s £5 for one person, £9 for two and £12 for three - though i can do creatures too if you like. if you need the prices in a different currency i can tell you how much it would be.

all payments through paypal

please inbox me here or facebook with info of what you want and i’ll let you know if i can do it or not.

My friend now open commission again. here’s some details. Contact her if you’re interested ! :3

- Wil

Stop doing those works and play with me.

Stop doing those works and play with me.


A little diary about us.

Since we’re RARELY talking about our system, I think I should try more ! (Just let you know we didn’t talk about this so long because we really don’t know how to clearly explain our stuffs in English)

Recently, relationships between us are kind of complicated. Also the role of each other. We didn’t notice about changing until found out that our status in FB don’t have ‘title’ on it. (We usually add the name of color of each alters in everything)

Because of our co-consciousness, sometimes we really don’t know who is talking. Sometimes we feel like we’re integrated but actually we aren’t.

Our host (Aqua/Carime, or whatever you called) now just sit back and watch. She didn’t like our life now so she just watch and wait for something.

Also, our big brother (Cloud, somebody also call him ToyBox or Verde) didn’t switch out so long and we can’t communicate him for some reason. We still saw him in the dream though.

This make us think about roles in our system are changed. And, because of our system don’t allow us going to inner world while this body is awake, we can’t know if anybody here or not until they speak out in our head. So this is really hard to identify about them.

Hope this diary will help you more understand about us !


- Wilhelm (redKINGblueCROWN)